The heart of World Mission Builders is all about Building and Construction. These are the talents that founded World Mission Builders and this is what we have been doing for the 29 years of our existence.

Once Mision El Faro is complete, it is our desire to add new projects in Mexico as well as Internationally to join God in His work. However there are still many manpower hours needed as well as approximately $75,000.00 dollars to complete the training center.

If you would like to be a part of World Mission Builders and support the work of God that is so abundant here in this place there are many ways for you to join us. We can use talents as well as gifts, and any talent you have we can find a use for. Painters, Carpenters, Welders, Electricians, Landscapers,  and General Labor are only a few of the many talents we can utilize.

If your gifts are more along the administrative, domestic or creative side, there is a place for you as well. God has made you to be special and unique, so that He can use your gifting in a special way. You have a special purpose in the tapestry of His work that He is creating. There is 'nothing' like the fulfillment you have when you are using the gifts that God has given you for the purposes and projects that He has created for you and you alone to complete. Don't hesitate, you will be so glad you came.