Because of our involvement in different areas of ministry the Lord has allowed us to see first hand the needs of the churches in Mexico. The most important factor we see is the lack of training in the leadership. When the leadership is well trained, they can in turn train their congregations.

It is for this reason we believe that after 29 years in various countries (including 20 years in Mexico), that the Lord has led us to plant His work for our lives here in Piedras Negras, Mexico.


Paul said in his letter in 1 Corinthians 6:9 "A great and effectual door is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries." We stand today exactly where the apostle Paul stood over 2000 years ago.

World Mission Builders ministers from The Lighthouse Mission which is now a fully functioning base supplied with tools, equipment and materials for effective church construction and the facilities for a strong teaching base for the Lord's work all over Mexico.

Almost all the buildings are completed on the property of the World Mission Builders, "The Lighthouse Training Center". The dormitories, basket ball, volley ball court,  swimming pool,  auditorium and kitchen/dinning  are complete.  Our plan are to build a full working Lighthouse, and another warehouse.

See our plans of the El Faro (Lighthouse) Mission


To bring in national pastors from all over Mexico, provide room and board as they attend Pastor and Leadership conferences at no cost to them.

The Center will also serve as a base for several other projects. One ongoing project is to present our women's seminars, and children's camp. Local churches will also be encouraged to use the facilities for youth conferences, marriage seminars and other local leadership presentations. Churches from the United States are also welcome to come and use the facilities as they co-minister with us in sharing the Gospel with the people of Mexico.

There is a recreational area included in the plans which will not only serve as a tool for the kids camp, but will also be utilized by the Missions groups who come from the U.S. to co-labor with us.

It is our great desire for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Mexico to be well equipped, to storm the gates of hell, and to take this nation for the LORD!