Ken felt God leading him to start the work of World Mission Builders in 1980 in Honduras. After several years and projects such as churches and bible schools, Ken found himself back in the United States.

Once back in the states, Ken met Yolanda in 1988 at Bammel Baptist Church in Houston and they continued the mission work that Ken started, but now as a couple.

In 1988 and 1989 most mission work was done on weekend trips from their home base of Houston, and during this time a burden was laid on Ken's heart to return to mission work full time.

However, it was not until late 1989 that the Lord convinced Yolanda that full time ministry from within Mexico was actually the path He wanted them to take.

The first full time project that World Mission Builders undertook after 1988 was the construction of an orphanage, Casa Del Rey. in el Moral Coah. Mexico. During the construction of the orphanage, local pastors started soliciting the help of World Mission Builders. Several projects sprung up from this relationship with the local pastors, including the first Christian school in the state of Coahuila, Instatuto Esperanza, several children's dining rooms, parsonages, and several churches. Now those ministries are a continual work in progress along with the construction of " Mission El Faro" Training Center.

After working with the Orphanage in El Moral for one year, we rented a house in Piedras Negras for four years, building churches and schools. After four years of looking for a piece of property, we found the place that is now, Mision El Faro. We began construction on Mision El Faro, The Lighthouse Training Center.

Mision El Faro Training Center is our main focal point at this time, but we continue to stay involved with construction projects around the world.


  Pouring the foundation for the Kitchen and Dining Hall                                         Pouring the foundation for the Kitchen and Dining Hall